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                Timesco (Sirius) Fibre Optic Laryngoscope
                Time2018-7-7 10:25:26Access
                Timesco (Sirius) Fibre Optic Laryngoscope

                Product advantages:

                1. Brighter and whiter light
                2. Easy to clean and disinfect
                3. One bulb installed on each handle
                (saving more space)
                4. Direct exposure to light
                5. More economical and effective if maintenance 
                6. Simple device, hook-connected, quick and easy to replace the lens device.


                Product information:

                Spy lens material: 304-type Austenitic stainless steel, HO2 semi-hard brass, Optical fiber polypropylene
                Handle material: HO2 Semi-hard brass/Austenitic stainless steel, part of insulation material, Polypropylene plastic
                Product application range: used for anesthesia, intubation and recovery before surgery. The laryngoscope helps the doctors to observe the position of the lens in respiratory and assist intubation during intubation process.
                Product standard
                Registration standard of imported products YZB/ENG1063 Laryngoscope.
                The characteristics of optical fiber laryngoscope

                Fiber optical lighting with xenon bulb which is in the handle ( no risk for patient)
                Timesco universal lens type

                No. 00Newborn    No. 0Baby   No. 1Children   No. 2Juvenile   No.3Adult   No4. Adult (+)

                The Lens type is Macintosh and Miller. Seize ranges from #00 to ##4, which offers more choice. Miller lens is the most popular straight lens, specially suitable for Pediatrics

                The is Macintosh lens tip makes it easier to uplift the Epiglottis. The straight one is convenient to use for observe the throat, professionally designed for difficult intubation.

                Configuration: One handle, three pieces of lens (optional), one plastic box.


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