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                BD-3000 Syringe Pump
                Time2018-7-6 14:43:53Access
                BD-3000 Syringe Pump

                Brand Meditech BD-3000 Syringe Pump
                Injection rate range:

                10 ml Syringe 0.1100 ml/h

                20 ml Syringe 0.1200 ml/h

                50 mlSyringe 0.1500 ml/h

                Bolus rate:

                10 ml Syringe 100 ml/h

                20 ml Syringe 200 ml/h

                50 ml Syringe 500 ml/hs

                Accumulated volume:0.1999.9 ml

                Injection accuracy:3after being well adjusted,up to 1%

                Power SupplyAC 100-240V,50/60Hz

                Battery:Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery,7.4 V,1600mAh

                Max power consumption:25VA,working for 4hours(5ml/hr)after being fullycharged

                Battery charge:Automatic charge when power on connect with AC power(Fully charge 8-14 hr)

                Fuse:T 2AL 250V

                Panel instruction:injection rate,accumulated injection volume,syringe size,battery capacity,power supply indicator,bed No.

                Alarm Function:Over,Near,OCCL,Low battery,Drop,Abnormal operation,no AC power,serious low battery

                Injection increment:0.1ml/h

                Size:380 mm190 mm180mmLWH

                G.W.:3.0 kg

                Classification:Class II, type BF

                Bolus( fast speed) function.

                Operation conditionEnvironment temperature: 5+40, air pressure (86106)kPa, relative humidityQ80%

                Storage condition:Environment temperature: -20+55, air pressure (50106)kPa, relative humidityQ95%

                Applicable syringes:All brands of standard syringes/ 10, 20 and 50 (60) ml

                Manufacture StardardGB9706.1-2007GB 9706.27-2005ISO7886-1:1993GB9969.1-1998


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